The MET(T)A Protocol at StartAgain

In 2015, Dr. Stephen Dansiger developed a complete clinical treatment system based on the evidenced-based tenets of EMDR Therapy and Mindfulness, which he named the MET(T)A Protocol. Today, Dr. Steve and his team work with treatment centers and outpatient clinics across the country to bring the MET(T)A Protocol and related trainings to help treatment centers run more smoothly and be as effectively as possible in ending suffering for their clients.

StartAgain Training Institute

EMDR Trainings and Consultations

In collaboration with the Institute for Creative Mindfulness, Dr. Stephen Dansiger offers EMDR Therapy Trainings for private practice clinicians and for clinical practice groups in outpatient and inpatient centers. Dr. Steve's EMDR trainings and consultations have supported hundreds of clinicians in the art and science of providing EMDR therapy to clients around the world. StartAgain also offers retreats and self-care trainings for clinicians and mental health providers, as well as extensive staff training for treatment centers. StartAgain's highly trained and experienced leadership team hold trainings across the country in Trauma-Focused Care, Understanding Eating Disorders, Creating a Mindful Staff Culture and Avoiding Staff Burnout, Anger Management and much more. Please contact us if you are interested in a training package that is individually tailored your center's needs.

Coming Soon - Therapeutically Aligned Mindful Support Coaching

Set to Launch in early 2019, the StartAgain Training Institute will offer training, support, and accreditation for Therapeutically Aligned Mindful Support Coaches. Support coaches are often an integral part of long term recovery and can be invaluable in helping clients set and achieve goals toward fulfilling, happy, recovered lives. At StartAgain, we are excited to take the support coach profession to the next level by ensuring that our support coaches understand the tenets of trauma-focused cared and can easily interface with clinical and medical members of a client’s treatment team.

StartAgain Media and Technology

StartAgain Associates is developing innovative online training courses aligned with StartAgain Training Institute curriculums and related educational offerings. We work with technology companies and cutting edge businesses to develop innovation mental health technologies and platforms. As the world changes and more and more people rely on technology for communication and day-to-day activities, we want to ensure that mental health services align with modern developments to ensure that access to mental health care and mental health training is easily accessible and aligned with how people live their lives.

Some exciting projects will be announced very soon!

StartAgain of Service

StartAgain was developed by mental health providers for the explicit purpose of ending suffering wherever possible and helping all people to heal. At StartAgain, we believe that every person who is hurting should have access to mental health treatment, trauma resolution and the possibility of a happy and fulfilling life. That is why we make sure to offer our services at reduced rates to low-cost clinics and clients in need whenever possible. Coming soon, StartAgain will be opening a non-profit arm to raise funds to provide MET(T)A Protocol trainings and clinical support to those with less access.